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Applications and Solutions

The Retem System combines a patented 3D Steel Grid embedded in ready mix concrete to produce a fully reinforced concrete structure.  The System is effective against erosion control.  

Effective Easy to install  Lower cost than alternatives


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Set 2-Day 28 MOR (1) (Welded Wire Mesh)-
Set 1-Day 28 MOR (RETEM 3d Steel Grid)-1


Ditch Lining

Using Retem 3D Steel Grid, you can construct flume channels and ditches efficiently.  Retem's 3D grid is flexible enabling it to fit the contour of the ditch.  No forms.  No joints. 


When the concrete is poured into Retem's galvanized 3D grid, a very strong structure is created.  No finishing.  Only raking, which results in a service that improves hydraulics and reduces the flow of water. All of these advantages translate into savings in man-hours of work and costs.  Maintenance issues are reduced significantly using the Retem system. 


Ditch Lining
Autauga CountyRetem.jpg
Autauga CountyRetemC.jpg







Slope Paving

Placing concrete on slopes is not an issue with the Retem System. The combination of a low slump concrete and the 3D Steel Grid hold the concrete firmly in place.  After preparing the soil, LDPE sheets are placed on the slope.  


The 3D Steel Grid, made of galvanized steel is positioned on the slope and anchored without using any heavy equipment.  Once in position, ready mix can be poured over the grid and requires simple raking.  No curing and no joins are required.  The raked surface reduces the velocity of the runoff.  


The Retem System's durability and ease of installation is the result of Retem’s patented technology. 

Slope Paving


Pipe Lining

Rusted and eroded corrugated metal pipes can easily be repaired with The RETEM System. Simply attach the steel grid to the metal pipe and place your concrete.

Pipe Lining
IMG_2031Retem .jpg


Spillways & Flumes

Concrete flumes can be installed as easy as ditches and slope paving. The Retem System will minimize water intrusion into the base through the elimination of joints and underlayment of plastic sheeting.


The 3D Steel Grid will ensure the concrete is held tightly together. Similar to other applications the rough surface will slow water velocities, improving hydraulics.

Spillways & Flumes
DSCN0656 Retem.jpg
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